Seller Terms of Use

By opening an Account and selling items on Vendefy, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use, including our Seller Terms of Use (collectively, “Terms of Use”).  Vendefy may remove any listings that violate the Terms of Use and/or may cancel your Account if you violate the Terms of Use. 

  • Pricing, Description and Uploading Images of Items

As a seller you agree to upload on your profile page no more than four images of items that you are offering for sale.  The minimum price at which an item may be listed for sale is $4.00.  For each item you list, you must provide the product name, the size or dimensions (as applicable), the brand, the condition of the item, and a brief description of the item.  You are also asked to provide the quantity of the item you have in stock.  All of the information about the item, except for the quantity that you have in stock, is public and can be viewed by any user of or visitor to the App.  You must also disclose whether the items you are offering for sale are new or used, and you must indicate whether you will allow your item to be “remerched.”  By registering for an Account, you agree that you will provide honest and accurate information about the items you are posting for sale, including accurate representations of such items.  You agree that you will communicate directly and honestly with buyers and potential buyers about your items and sales policies.  You further agree that you will not post any items for sale that are dangerous, illegal or prohibited by Vendefy’s rules.  Before posting an item for sale, please review Vendefy’s list of Prohibited Items.

·      Shipping

Vendefy provides a method whereby sellers utilize a third-party shipper, EasyPost, to ship items to buyers.  The Terms of Use for EasyPost are found at  You agree to abide by the Terms of Use and all other policies of EasyPost.  These Terms of Use and policies explain your shipping obligations as a seller and govern your shipping conduct.  We strongly urge you to read these Terms and other policies.  Vendefy is not involved in, responsible for, or liable for any problems, claims, or losses related to or arising out of your shipment of items to buyers. 

·      Cancellations and Returns

As a seller, you agree to clearly post and honor the cancellation and return policies that govern your sales.  You agree to deal directly buyers with respect to cancellations and returns or any other disputes concerning a transaction.  In the event that disputes arise between you and a buyer that you are not able to resolve, Vendefy will assist the parties in accordance with Vendefy’s Dispute Resolution Procedures.  You can read those procedures here

·      Payments

All payment transactions are processed through and governed by the Terms of Use and other policies of PayPal (  Sellers are required to accept the PayPal User Agreement, which governs every payment transaction between sellers and buyers using the Services.  Please review carefully the terms and conditions of use and the User Agreement (collectively, “terms”) on the PayPal website.  Vendefy is not liable to sellers or buyers for any claims, losses, causes of action, or damages arising from or related to conduct or actions governed by the PayPal terms.

·      Communicating With Buyers

You can communicate directly with buyers or other users to answer questions about items you have for sale or otherwise communicate about a transaction.  You may receive personal information from a buyer as a result of transacting business with that buyer on Vendefy, including but not limited to the buyer’s email or shipping address or payment information.  You agree that you will not use such information for any unauthorized or unsolicited transactions, and will not add the buyer to any mailing list without the buyer’s express consent.  You also agree that you will not send Vendefy users unsolicited advertising or promotions; interfere with a transaction or business of another user; and communicate with any user that has expressly asked you not to.

·      Taxes

Vendefy cannot provide tax advice to you.  It is the responsibility of each seller to determine his or her collection and reporting obligations under applicable state and city law.


In some instances, and in the sole discretion of Vendefy, Vendefy will verify a seller. Sellers cannot request verification. If Vendefy verifies a seller, a verification badge in the form of a check mark near the seller’s name will be displayed. Verification signifies only that the seller is who or what he/she/it claims to be and does not otherwise represent, expressly or impliedly, that Vendefy endorses the seller or has conducted any investigation of the seller or that the seller meets any particular criteria, qualities, or requirements other than authenticity.