Dispute Resolution

If you are looking to return an item, exchange an item, or get a refund from an order on Vendefy or are otherwise dissatisfied with an item you have purchased, the first thing to do is contact the seller and try to resolve the issue together.

If you are unable to resolve the issue directly with the seller, you can report the problem to Vendefy at help@vendefy.com and Vendefy will attempt to assist you. In order to obtain assistance from Vendefy in resolving a dispute, you must contact Vendefy on or before the expiration of two weeks from the date you received delivery of the item(s) at issue.

Once you report the issue to Vendefy, we will reach out to the seller and try to determine the precise nature of the problem. Vendefy may request documentation from the parties to the transaction and may review private messaging concerning the transaction in order to determine whether Vendefy should initiate a claim with PayPal on behalf of the buyer. By requesting Vendefy’s assistance, you consent to Vendefy’s review of your private message communications.

If Vendefy determines that the buyer’s claim is substantiated by the documentation, Vendefy will initiate a claim on behalf of the buyer with PayPal , and PayPal will undertake to resolve the matter. Once the matter is turned over to PayPal, Vendefy will have no further involvement in the resolution process and the matter will be governed entirely by PayPal’s dispute resolution procedures, which you can read here.