Buyer Terms of Use

By opening an Account and purchasing items on Vendefy, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use, including our Buyer Terms of Use (collectively, “Terms of Use”).  If you violate the Terms of Use, Vendefy may cancel your Account. 

  • Buying On the App

Vendefy provides a venue for buyers to purchase items directly from sellers or through other users who are remerching items.  When you purchase an item through the App, you are not buying directly from Vendefy.  You can view products and product information offered by sellers; you can message seller; you can follow a seller (or any user); and you can comment and provide feedback on your buying experience.  You can also search for items by product name or category.  By making a purchase through Vendefy, you agree that you have read the item description and any applicable policies provided by the seller before you purchase the item; have made appropriate payment for the item(s) purchased, as described in the Payment section below; and have provided accurate shipping information as explained in the Delivery section below.

  • Payments

All payment transactions are processed through and governed by the Terms and Conditions of Use and other policies of PayPal (  You are required to accept the PayPal User Agreement, which governs every payment transaction between sellers and buyers using the Services.  Please review carefully the terms and conditions of use and the User Agreement (collectively, “terms”) on the PayPal website.  Vendefy is not liable to buyers for any claims, losses, causes of action, or damages arising from or related to conduct or actions governed by the PayPal terms.


Vendefy provides a method whereby sellers utilize a third-party shipper, EasyPost, to ship items to buyers.  The Terms of Use for EasyPost are found at  When you create your Account, you will be asked to provide shipping information to enable sellers, through EasyPost, to ship your items to the address(es) you select.  Shipping charges are added to the price of the item(s) you are purchasing at the point of purchase. You can read more about the fees charged by Easypost here. At the point of purchase, you will be able to select the address you want your item shipped to and the shipping method you want used.  Buyers also have the option to use the “Triple Tap” feature of Vendefy, where shipping addresses and methods are pre-set. See below for a description of Vendefy’s Triple Tap check out option.

Cancellations and Returns

Before purchasing an item, you should review any cancellation and return policies posted by the seller of that item.  By purchasing the item, you agree to comply with such policies.  If you want to return an item or are having problems with an order, you should initially contact the seller to try to resolve the issue directly with the seller.  If, after attempting to resolve an issue or problem you are having with a seller, and are unable to do so, you can report the problem to Vendefy, and Vendefy will attempt to assist you though its Dispute Resolution Procedure.  You can read the Dispute Resolution Procedure here.


In some instances, and in the sole discretion of Vendefy, Vendefy will verify a seller.  If Vendefy verifies a seller, a verification badge in the form of a check mark near the seller’s name will be displayed. Verification signifies only that the seller is who or what he/she/it claims to be and does not otherwise represent, expressly or impliedly, that Vendefy has conducted any investigation of the seller or that the seller meets any particular characteristics, qualities, or requirements other than authenticity.


Triple Tap Check Out

Triple Tap is the easiest and quickest way to check out. Instead of using the “Buy” button, you can sign up for Triple Tap check out. Once you sign up, you will be e-mailed a unique four digit code. You will be able to pre-select the address to which you want your items shipped when you use Triple Tap and one of two shipping methods –the fastest or the least expensive-- when you sign up. Then, when you are ready to purchase an item, you simply “triple tap” on the item and enter your four digit code. That’s all it takes with Triple Tap to complete your purchase.  Your item will be shipped to your pre-selected address via your pre-selected shipping method and paid by your pre-selected payment method.