Remerching Terms of Use

A unique feature of Vendefy is that it enables Users to resell or “remerch” an item offered for sale by a seller. These Remerching Terms of Use, along with all of the other Terms of Use and policies incorporated in the Terms of Use, govern remerch transactions.

 If a seller indicates on its account that an item is available for remerching, registered Users can share that item on their profile.  The item then becomes available for purchase by any followers of those Users (“remerch buyer”), where it appears on the followers’ feed. Although the remerch buyer purchases the item directly from the remerch seller’s profile by clicking on the “buy” button below the image of the item, the remerch seller never takes title to the remerched item. The transaction is still a sale by the original seller directly to the remerch buyer, and all Terms covering sellers and buyers apply to remerch sale transactions.

Although an unlimited number of Users can remerch an item, the User from whose profile the item is actually sold (the “remerch seller”) receives “remerch” credit in the amount of two percent of the sale price posted by the Seller. Once a remerch buyer purchases the item at check-out, the remerch seller’s profile will indicate to Users that the item has been sold.  The “remerch” credit earned by the remerch seller is deposited in the remerch seller’s account within fourteen (14) days from the date the item is shipped to the buyer.  Remerch credit can only be used to purchase items on the App.

After accumulating remerch credit, a User can elect to use all or some of the credit (which is represented as a dollar amount) to purchase an item on Vendefy at the point of purchase.

All the terms of sale, including but not limited to the price, the seller’s return policy, the description of the item, and other information appearing on the original seller’s profile will appear on the remerch seller’s profile. Questions about an item appearing on a remerch seller’s profile should be initially addressed to the remerch seller. Once you have purchased an item, you will be provided with the original seller’s contact information and will be able to contact the original seller, if necessary.