Fees and Commissions and Payments

  • Vendefy Commission

Vendefy will currently not take any percentage as part of a promotional period. If a sale is made through a “remerch” transaction, then an additional two percent (2%) of the original sales price of each item will be deducted from the payment to the seller.  That two percent (2%) will be “paid” in remerch credit to the remerch seller.  You can read about how remerching works here.

  • Payment Processing Fees

All payment transactions on Vendefy are processed through PayPal.  A fee by PayPal of 2.9% of the listed price for the item plus thirty cents (30¢) per item (collectively, the “PayPal fee”). The PayPal fee will be added to the final listed price. 

·      Shipping Fees

All shipments of items purchased on Vendefy are shipped by Easypost.  The cost of shipping will depend upon the origin, destination, weight and size of the package.  In addition to being charged the applicable shipping fees, Easypost charges a transaction fee of .05% of the selling price of each item and a fee of 1% of the selling price of each item to cover insurance (collectively, these fees are referred to as “Easypost fees”).  All Easypost fees are added to the total price at the time the buyer purchases the item (s).  These fees are deducted prior to the seller being sent payment for the item(s) sold.

  • Payment to the Seller

Payment for the items(s) a seller has sold on Vendefy (after deduction of applicable fees and commissions) is deposited into a seller’s PayPal account after Vendefy receives confirmation from Easypost that the item[s] has been delivered to the buyer.